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Hebron Colony Ministries, Inc. is a nationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all donations of value are deductible for tax purposes.*

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* We do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax professional for details regarding applicability to your specific tax circumstances.

This is what keeps the ministry going. It allows people like you to invest in the lives of those who are crying out to be released from the bondage of addiction. Your donations give these individuals an opportunity to take the necessary steps toward a changed life.


Substance abuse has an extremely negative impact on individuals and families across all income spectrums and education levels. It does not discriminate. This is why we have never charged any student for attending our program.


Since its opening in 1947, Hebron Colony has been completely dependent upon God’s provision for all of its needs. These decades of provision prove that what we are doing is  God’s will. God uses faithful people to demonstrate His faithfulness to meet our month to month needs.


Throughout our history we have never received state or federal funding. This continues to reveal that this ministry is under the authority of God; the Great provider.

People donate to Hebron Colony and Grace Home in many different ways. You can donate directly with financial support, by providing maintenance and building materials, or even by donating a vehicle they are no longer using. Anything of value is something that can be put to use and is greatly appreciated.


Many people donate through our thrift store operations in the High Country area. We have two retail outlets, one in Boone and one in Mountain City. These stores serve a three-fold purpose by raising funds for the ministry, providing high-quality low-cost goods to the community, and as an extension of the ministry which allows us to reach others for the cause of Christ.


Many of our donors are churches who have recognized the tremendous need for this type of ministry within their own congregations. They see how the Lord has set this ministry apart for helping to meet the needs of people in their congregations who are trapped in the bondage of addiction.


We also accept funding through endowments and individual trusts, as well as life insurance and annuity contracts.


We are a nationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations of value are deductible for tax purposes.


Please help us help others.

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Sponsor-A-Student Campaign

It costs approximately $4000.00 to put one student through the 10-week residential treatment program. Won't you please prayerfully consider making a commitment to financially sponsor one of our students for a day, a week, a month, or even for the full ten weeks. Your gift will make such a difference!

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