A Christian Recovery Center for victory over alcohol and drug addiction.


In the beauty and serenity of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, there is a place of refuge and restoration for men who struggle with chemical dependency. The place is known as Hebron Colony Ministries.

Hebron Colony has been in existence since 1947, one of the oldest such facilities around, and also one of the most successful. You may read more of the history by following the History link. Usually when people come to Hebron, affectionately known as "the mountain," they are physically, mentally, and spiritually sick. During their stay here, separate from the worries of the world, most regain their strength in all these areas. Hebron understands that many people who have slipped into chemical dependency desperately need and want a personal relationship with God, and here, on the mountain, they find focus, direction, and guidance to help them regain what has been missing in their lives. Hebron is not interested in giving people more religion; instead, we teach people how to apply God's Word in their every day lives.

Hebron Colony Ministries can house 34 men in Dillard Hall and the Hebron House. Each man has at least one roommate. There are also staff members and extended students who stay on the premises. In order to come and stay on "the mountain," a man must have a willing spirit and an honest desire to learn to live a Christian life. The love and spirit of brotherhood that students experience here forges life-long friendships for many graduates. A ten-week stay at Hebron can be the most rejuvenating and rewarding experience a man can experience. Through Chapel services, one-on-one counseling with our pastors and staff, and thought-provoking Bible studies, men can leave the mountain with a deep understanding of Christ's plan of salvation as well as scriptural life-application that can help them to be victorious in Christ.

Hebron Colony Ministries, Inc. is a ministry governed by a Board of Directors that also operates on faith. Students may come to Hebron free of charge for a period of ten weeks. How can we house so many people at a time, feed them and care for them, and not charge them? We have faith that Jesus Christ is the answer to overcoming chemical dependency, and we have no less faith that He will see that our bills are paid and that we will be able to continue to teach students at no charge.

If you would like to help our ministry, please see our Financial section and our Current Needs list.

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