A Christian Recovery Center for victory over alcohol and drug addiction.


Administration:  8-1/2 x 11 copy paper, ruled pads (5x8 & 8-1/2x11), notebook paper, Ibuprofen, Zantac (generic), Claritin (generic), Tylenol, Mucinex & Mucinex DM (generic), Sudafed PE, (all meds non-drowsy), cough drops, #1coin envelopes (3-1/2” x 2-1/4”)

 Student Activity:  softball bats, softball gloves, bases, balls (44 core), volleyball net & balls, pool sticks, ping pong balls & paddles, fishing poles, tackle

 Thrift Store:   cleaning supplies (windex, furniture polish, Murphy’s oil), paper products (paper towels, toilet paper)

 Garden:  10-10-10 fertilizer, extra funding for garden materials

 Grounds/Flower Beds: 

Plants (zones 6B/7A) - perennials, ground cover, shrubs, rhododendrons, double knockout roses, summer/fall blooming annuals

Tools – garden scissors, pruning shears/saws, shovels (hand/spade), rakes (soil/grass), gloves, rolling cart, light weight wheelbarrow, weeders, forks

Other – Miracle Grow, mulch load, beetle traps, stakes, potting soil, hanging floral baskets

 Auto Shop:  Motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, hand & parts cleaner, tire repair kits, hand & air tools, radiator pressure test kit

 Kitchen:  Hickory or Pecan Wood for Smoker


                Supplies -  sheet rock screws 5/8”-3”, nails, wood glue, tack cloths, finish brushes, steel                 wool all grades, clear satin polyurethane

                Tools - 1/2” & 3/8” battery drills, finish nail gun, 5” disc sanders

                Blades - 10” table saw, 7-1/4 skill saw, jig saw, sawzal

                Wood Stains - classic oak polyshades, golden oak minwax, wood putty

                Lumber - 1x’s, 2x’s, all lengths & widths, plywood all thicknesses & finishes, lauan for                     backs of piestands & cabinets  (4x8 sheets), oak, chestnut, walnut, poplar & pine – in all                 sizes

Paint Supplies:  Rollers, naps, buckets, painters caulk, canvas drop cloths, spray paint guns, etc.

 Plumbing:  PVC pipe, fittings, glue, cleaner, solder, flux, flux brushes, propane for hand torch, toilet, sink & shower repair parts, etc., pex and pex fittings 1/2” and 3/4”

Electrical:  Romex, receptacles, pvc fittings, 10/2 wire UF, 10/3 UF

General Supplies:  Light bulbs (40,60,75 watt), 4’ F34 florescent  light bulbs, batteries (9V/AAA/AA/D), household cleaning supplies, fiber glass step ladders, drop cords, shovels, brooms, mops, etc.

 Special Projects:   1. FILL DIRT – 4 LOADS (LOCAL)

       2. Tig Welder

                              3.  Electric Generator

                              4.  Utility Trailer – 5 x 10

                              5.  Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

                              6.  Metal Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

                              7.  Commercial Microwave for Dining Room

                              8.  Lawn Tractors

                              9.  Weed Eaters

                             10. Optoma EP747, DX608 Lamp BL-FP230A

If you would like to donate funds to purchase any of the materials for special projects, please call the office.

You could also send a donation and just designate what the donation is to be used for.



Office Supplies: 8-1/2 x 11 Copy Paper, scotch tape (refills), staple gun (with staples)

Kitchen: Paper/styrofoam cups,(8 oz. & 12 oz.) paper towels, plastic forks/spoons,knives),napkins 5x5, dish towels and cloths, outside grill wire cleaning brushes, large cutting boards, kitchen placemats

Garden: Weed eater,30W motor oil, fire ant killer, garden rakes (long & short tine),, garden hoes,pitch fork, seeds to plant, chemical sprayers

Cleaning Supplies: All purpose cleaner, bleach, dryer sheets, dish detergent, furniture polish, Pine-sol cleaner, clorox wipes, brillo pads/sponger/scrubbers, liquid Drano, Rid-X (septic system)

Bathroom: General bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner & toilet brushes, liquid anti-bacterial soap and refills, toilet tissue (1 ply only for septic system), Kleenex, room deodorizer, lysol disinfectant spray

Medicine: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Allergy-cough/cold-chest congestion medications (non-drowsy), digestive medication, Pepto-Bismol, Band-aids, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid supplies (gauze, gauze tape, ace bandages)

Household Needs: Vacuum cleaner, commercial mops, straw brooms

      2014 Hebron Colony Ministries