A Christian Recovery Center for victory over alcohol and drug addiction.



Administration: 8-1/2 x 11 copy paper,ruled pads (5x8 & 8-12x11), Aleve, Ibuprofen, Zantac (generic), Claritin (generic), Tylenol, Alka-seltzer Plus Cold, Mucinex & Mucinex DM (generic), Sudafed PE, (all meds non-drowsy). cough drops, #1 coin envelopes (3-1/2” x 2-1/4”)

Student Activity: softball bats, softball gloves, bases, balls (44 core), volleyball net & balls, pool sticks, ping pong balls & paddles, volleyball, fishing poles, tackle

Thrift Store: cleaning supplies (windex, furniture polish, Murphy's oil), paper products (paper towels, toilet paper)

Auto Shop: Motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, hand & parts cleaner, tire repair kits, hand & air tools, radiator pressure test kit


  • Supplies - sheet rock screws 5/8”-3”, nails, wood glue, tack cloths, finish brushes, steel wool all grades, clear satin polyurethane
  • Tools - 1/2” & 3/8” battery drills, finish nail gun, 5" disc sanders
  • Blades - 10” table saw, 7-1/4 skill saw, jig saw, sawzal
  • Wood Stains - classic oak polyshades, golden oak minwax, wood putty
  • Cabinet Hardware - furniture tools and accessories, cabinet knobs and hinges
  • Lumber - 1x’s, 2x’s, all lengths & widths, plywood all thicknesses & finishes, lauan for backs of piestands & cabinets, (4x8 sheets), oak, chestnut, walnut, poplar & pine – in all sizes

Paint Supplies: Rollers, naps, buckets, painters caulk, canvas drop cloths, spray paint guns, etc.

Plumbing: PVC pipe, fittings, glue, cleaner, solder, flux, flux brushes, propane for hand torch, toilet, sink & shower repair parts, etc., pex and pex fittings 1/2” and 3/4”

Electrical: Romex, receptacles, pvc fittings, 10/2 wire UF, 10/3 UF

General Supplies: Salt for driveways and walkways, snow shovels, snow blower, light bulbs (40,60,75 watt), 4’ F34 florescent light bulbs, batteries (9V/AAA/AA/D), household cleaning supplies, fiber glass step ladders, drop cords, shovels, brooms, mops, etc., queen comforter sets

Special Projects:
2. Tig Welder
3. Electric Generator
4. Utility Trailer – 5 x 10
5. Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
6. Metal Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows
7.Commercial Microwave for Dining Room
8. Lawn Tractors

9. Weed Eaters

If you would like to donate funds to purchase any of the materials for special projects, please call the office.  You can also send a donation and designate what the donation is to be used for.



Office Supplies: 8-1/2 x 11 Copy Paper, scotch tape (refills), staple gun (with staples)

Kitchen: Paper/styrofoam cups,(8 oz. & 12 oz.) paper towels, plastic forks/spoons,knives),napkins 5x5, dish towels and cloths, outside grill wire cleaning brushes, large cutting boards, kitchen placemats

Garden: Weed eater,30W motor oil, fire ant killer, garden rakes (long & short tine),, garden hoes,pitch fork, seeds to plant, chemical sprayers

Cleaning Supplies: All purpose cleaner, bleach, dryer sheets, dish detergent, furniture polish, Pine-sol cleaner, clorox wipes, brillo pads/sponger/scrubbers, liquid Drano, Rid-X (septic system)

Bathroom: General bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner & toilet brushes, liquid anti-bacterial soap and refills, toilet tissue (1 ply only for septic system), Kleenex, room deodorizer, lysol disinfectant spray

Medicine: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Allergy-cough/cold-chest congestion medications (non-drowsy), digestive medication, Pepto-Bismol, Band-aids, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid supplies (gauze, gauze tape, ace bandages)

Household Needs: Vacuum cleaner, commercial mops, straw brooms

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