A Christian Recovery Center for victory over alcohol and drug addiction.

April 2014   NEWSLETTER



I hope that I never forget the words of Jesus, when He said; “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree; As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near.” Jesus was introducing the certainty of His glorious return for His church and for the personal judgment of those that have been given a specific purpose to fulfill. There will be a totally different response from the one looking for His return and one that lives as if He will never return. Rejoicing and worship will be one response;  sadness and despair will be the other. Which will it be for you? Only what we do with Christ will last!

This parable, from Jesus, also brings great hope and anticipation to us living through this long and severe winter. We are seeing wonderful signs of the coming of summer. Joy and rejoicing are on our hearts and lips. Instead of cold and brutal winds, full of snow and bitter chill, the breezes are becoming warmer and full of pleasant fragrance. Spring is here and summer is near. May we all rejoice in one accord!

We really do have so much to be thankful for. God has provided the resources to complete our deck and walk-in freezer, cooler project. It really came together beautifully. This will be a blessing to Hebron for many years to come….unless He chooses to return soon. Nevertheless, we will be thankful. God is continuing to pour out His unfailing love on us here at Hebron and Grace Home. It is impossible to count our blessings but they truly are many. Thank you for being the source of many of these blessings.

We have some exciting things coming up this year. The first thing coming is our annual Spring Reunion during May 23-26th. We really hope to see you during these great times of worship and praise. It is so encouraging to all of us when you return for these wonderful events. We are blessed to have the awesome “Hayes Family” with us on Sunday morning May 25th. You do not want to miss their beautiful music and worship to our Lord. They are now representing several generations. We are also working on some other special things for the Reunion weekend. Please make plans to come and visit. The next thing in the lineup is our annual “Golf Tournament” on Saturday August 2nd. You will find the details further on in our newsletter. The next wonderful event is our “Fall Homecoming” during August 29-Sept.1st. This is another powerful time of celebration and praise. Our  annual “Homecoming at Grace will be Saturday October 4th. Many of you have never been to this wonderful celebration, so make plans to come. We are planning a new event this year on October 16th. This will be a team, clay target shoot, competition in Charlotte, NC at “Meadow Wood” Hunting Reserve. Details for this event will come later. Plan to be involved with all that you can as we serve the Lord our Savior. Please never fail to pray for all the men and women whom God is directing to Hebron and Grace Home.

Serving together,

Rev. Don Holder


                         GREETINGS FROM GRACE HOME


Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you;

were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare.

(PSALMS 40:5)


It is vitally important to remember on a continual basis how awesome, how wonderful, how powerful our God, our Father is.  We see evidence of His omnipotence through all the wondrous gifts He gives to us.  Each and every day we are blessed to experience the wonders of all His creation.  It is forever there for us to see, touch, smell, admire and enjoy.  How awesome He is.  In addition, we have “The Word of God” through the living Bible.  Who could fathom the creation of such a mastery of works from so many authors over such an incredible period of time coming together as the masterpiece that it is?  It is the instruction book of life that was the truth from the beginning of time, is the truth now, and will be the only truth through to the end of time.  How wonderful It is.  On top of all this, the Lord blesses us with the Holy Spirit, Sweet Salvation and Eternal Life.  We certainly did not do anything, nor is there anything we could possibly do, to deserve these gifts from above.  God gives us these things as an act of His grace because of His great love for us.  How overwhelmingly awesome, wonderful and powerful is that?  Every single day “we need” to acknowledge these things and give Him unending praise and thanks, all to His glory!! 

Only those who believe, seek, deny themselves and pick up their cross daily to follow Him will have any comprehension at all of what a wonderful life He intended for all of us.  This troubled world makes it difficult, at best, to remotely be everything that God designed us to be.  It is by divine appointment of the Lord that each lady is chosen to come to Grace Home.  Once they are here, Grace Home provides the opportunity for those who are lost beyond hope in their addiction, to be redeemed.  The ladies learn about justification, sanctification, and glorification with the promise that they will see God face to face.  The Lord works in amazing ways in the ladies lives according to each of their specific and unique needs.  We watch as He reveals the barriers and challenges each lady faces that prevents them from having that close intimate relationship with Him that they so desperately need.  Whether it be anger, resentment, anxiety, unforgiveness for themselves or others, etc., they learn that these things are what is separating them from God.  Until they acknowledge these things, identify the bad behaviors they’ve adopted for dealing with them, and make the changes necessary to conquer these obstacles, they can not receive everything the Lord has for them.  The hard part is making the behavioral changes of bad behaviors that have become an intrinsic part of who they are.  As they grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord, He leads them through the transformation.  Their heart softens.  They are convicted of what they must do.  As they seek the Lord for guidance, He shows them the way and provides the strength to do what they need to do.  It starts with the little things, such as holding their tongue or handling a conflict in a loving way.  The Lord blesses what they are doing.  The ladies grow closer to Him as they experience the rewards of their righteousness.  This is the breakthrough required for them to turn their lives around.  As the ladies continue to grow closer to the Lord, they become more righteous and obedient to Him, wanting to please Him.  The key is that it is a process.  It does not happen overnight.  By the time the ladies leave Grace Home they know what they have to do; the foundation has been laid.  The seeds have been planted.  No matter what they go through when they leave---The ladies know that they know.  They have the chance to be delivered and to be set free.  From that point forward, it is all about their choices, every day.  Thank you Lord for Grace Home!

The New Year has gotten off to a running start.  Our gardens are planted with onions, potatoes, peas, etc.  Our roses and hydrangeas are budding.  The birds are singing.  Signs of spring are everywhere.  Even a February ice storm could not destroy our efforts to prepare for this year’s victories.  Losing heat, light, and water for four days did slow us down a bit however.  Can you imagine fifteen ladies without heat, lights and water for even one day?  God did provide everything we needed and showed us, once again in so many ways, just how much He loves us.  We thank all of you who were there to help us through it. 

Consistent with this year getting off to a great start, of significant note is:

  Praise the Lord!  For the third year in a row, we have received a grant from the “James E. and Mildred Waggoner Foundation”.  This year we will use the money to replace our chairs in the dining room.  The chairs we have left now are thirteen years old.  They are literally disintegrating before our eyes from extensive use over the years.  The foundation has been a “major” blessing for us, beyond anything we could have imagined.  Words can not express the gratitude in our hearts for their support in such a big way.  God is so good, all the time, in “ALL” ways!!

  Clara J. Boone retired at the end of 2013 after 10+ years at the ministry.  We thank her for her vast contribution to the ministry.  We miss her and wish God’s blessings for her as she enjoys her golden years.

  Judy Ball has joined us as Ms. Clara’s replacement.  Judy has been an avid supporter of the ministry for many years along with her husband, Pastor Gene Ball.  We are blessed beyond measure to have Judy (and Pastor Ball) in our lives on a daily basis.

One of the most amazing blessings of all continues to be the unending, ever increasing support from all of you who love God and love the ministry.  Every donation, every kind deed, every prayer is appreciated more than words can express.  May God bless you “ALL” always!

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns,

where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.

           (PSALMS 65:8)


Nita Smith

Director of Operations

      2014 Hebron Colony Ministries