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Men and Women who come to Hebron Colony and Grace Home are called students. We do not label you an alcoholic or a drug addict or even a patient. You are a person. A whole human being who wants and needs to learn a new way of life free from the ravages of addiction.

So... what's it like at Hebron Colony and Grace Home?

One of the first things you will notice here is that people smile. Real smiles. Not those fake ones we are used to putting on for others, but real, genuine, heartfelt smiles filled with joy and peace.

And it all starts with...

A Wholesome Environment

Many people, when they think of a rehab, get an image in their minds of an institutional-type facility. A place with concrete walls and sterile rooms. Our facilities are far removed from that image. Hebron is more in line with the concept of a mountain retreat and Grace Home is situated in the midst of lush fields and wooded areas.


It is in these natural settings that we are able to get away from the cares of the world and discover a peace and serenity that contribute to the healing of our whole being - body, mind, and spirit.

Laying a Firm Foundation


No matter our background or how we were raised, we need a firm foundation to build upon. Like building a house, we are building a new way of life and we need something solid to build it on.


We use God's written word as the basis for that foundation. It is our textbook, our manual for living, and the manner in which God speaks to us. For contained within its pages is the way of freedom from the bondage that we have put ourselves in.

Structure and Balance

Structure and balance are things we need to learn to develop in our lives. We tend to live in extremes - way up or down, all in or out. It has become a way of life for us and we need to learn a new, more even-keeled, way of living. It isn't an easy thing, but then very few things that are worthwhile and lasting ever are. To everything there is a season...

A Time To...







A Time for Study

Regardless of our upbringing or the things we already know, somewhere along the way we missed something. Our lives and our feelings are proof that we just didn't get it right. So, just like a child learning to walk, we need to learn how to live all over again.


At Hebron Colony and Grace Home we are given the opportunity to learn how to make this journey from people who have literally been in the same places we have. We are not hopeless... and now we are not helpless.

Time Spent with God

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of coming to Hebron Colony or Grace Home is fellowship with God.


Most of us come as spiritually dead people. While we may know about God, we either have not had or do not have a relationship with Him.


We have come to understand that there is nothing on this earth that can truly set us free from our addictions and ourselves. What we need is a supernatural change in our hearts and desires. And the only one for this to happen is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Time to Do

Work is an important aspect of healthy balanced living. It allows us to be a part of how God provides for our own needs as well as the needs of those around us.


Our efforts also provide us with a sense of accomplishment and well-being that are so important in developing a healthy lifestyle.

A Time for Recreation

We could have used words like exercise and fitness in this section, but those don't sound anywhere near as much fun.


These things are necessary for balanced living and here we are given multiple opportunities to engage in all sorts of different sports and activities. This not only helps our bodies to regain strength and stamina, it also helps us to learn how to relate with others in healthy ways.

A Time for Nutrition

Although we know that good nutrition is essential for healthy living, most of us have done a poor job in providing this basic need for our minds and bodies.


We need to relearn the importance of a healthy diet and of eating on a regular schedule. When we do this, it is amazing how good it makes us feel. Something most of us have forgotten.

A Time to Relax

Rest is another very important part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. This is something we all know. Unfortunately, the worry, anxiousness, and fear brought on by our addictive lifestyles robbed us of any real rest.


In fact, one of the things that truly amazes most students is that they regain their ability to experience real rest and sleep.


By developing a structured, balanced, and spiritually fit lifestyle, you too can experience this in your life.


Healthy relationships are things most of us have proven to be poor at establishing and maintaining. Many of us have even come to believe that we are incapable of doing so. But, we were not created to live alone or in isolation and we need to learn or relearn the intricate aspects of healthy human relationships.


At Hebron Colony and Grace Home we are not only taught how to do this, we are given ample opportunity to put these skills into practice. Both by taking the steps necessary to help restore old relationships as well as to gain new ones.

Testimonies from Our Graduates

Visit our Newsletters Page for publications filled with testimonies from our graduates.

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