A Christian Recovery Center for victory over alcohol and drug addiction.




          I grew up in a home with two parents who loved me unconditionally, however, they were emotionally distant.  My mother was a stay at home mom who was in and out of hospitals taking care of her ill mother.  My father worked away from home during the week and came home only on the weekends. I was an only child; and it was safe to say that I was spoiled.  I was a good kid growing up; I was shy but polite and well-mannered.  I had no discipline problems until I started high school.  

          The day I began high school was the day I became the problem kid overnight.  I sought out any kind of attention I could get that I felt I wasn't getting at home.  It all started with cursing and vandalism.  It gradually got worse.  In my sophomore year, I was expelled from school with an administrative hearing.  It was decided I could not return to school the following term without completing mandatory counseling.  I fulfilled my sentence, returned to school the next term and stayed under the radar for a while. 

         By my senior year, I began to drink with friends and ended up getting expelled two weeks before my graduation.  I was unable to walk with my graduating class.  I was arrested at the school and charged as a juvenile.  The judge ordered more mandatory counseling.  The alternative was jail time.  I chose the counseling without hesitation.  While completing my legal obligations, I attended my local technical college to earn the two high school credits I needed for my diploma.   I was able to project to the counselor and those around me that I had cleaned my act up.  I continued to work on my education and earned a phlebotomy certificate while I was on the waiting list to get into the practical nursing program. 

          I failed to mention, that right before I was expelled from high school, I met a guy and we had been dating through all of this.  I ended up marrying him two months before I graduated with my nursing diploma.  It seemed that the wonderful, sweet, and loving guy I had been dating before we got married turned into an abusive alcoholic overnight.  By the time I graduated with my nursing diploma, I was wondering what I had gotten myself into.  I hadn't been raised in church, but I didn't believe in divorce either.  My marriage was gradually getting worse, it seemed before it had really even gotten started. 

          The combination of my marriage: alcohol, fighting, and abuse had gradually started ripping off a scab I had from childhood.  The emotional damage I had buried deep as a child from being molested started to come to the surface with everything else.  The pills I had been taking here and there to help me out during nursing school started to be a more regular thing and before I knew it I was a full blown addict.  I loved the feeling I got while using. While using I was numb to the pain of my failing marriage, my emotional damage from childhood, and could care less what anyone thought. 

          As my addiction got worse, so did the marriage.  Almost three and a half years into our marriage, it was time to file for a divorce; I saw no way around it.  My addiction got even worse and eventually my parents gave me an ultimatum...Grace Home or they were finished.  I was accepted into Grace Home and found myself seated across from Ms. Nita in her office.  Needless to say, in the beginning I didn't want to be there but in the end I found myself not wanting to leave.  I graduated September 2010 and ended up staying three additional months for the Extended Student Program.

          Since leaving, I have had my struggles and backslides, and messed up a couple of times, but I now have hope through Jesus Christ.  The Lord has blessed me and continues to do so by placing people in my life when I need them most.  He blessed me by placing me in Grace Home and surrounding me with those that were there.  He has now blessed me by placing a friend/ mentor in my life who isn't afraid to tell me how it is whether I want to hear it or not.  I thank Grace Home for giving me that hope and teaching me the Word.  The staff, teachers, preachers, and volunteers showed me what a true Christian should be, through their love and walk with Jesus Christ.  If it wasn't for the love and teachings Grace Home gave me, I would still be in my addiction today or even worse... six feet under. 


Lisa Smith

Graduate 9/25/10



          Man, time sure does fly by! Four years ago last Saturday, I graduated from Hebron Colony Ministries. I came to this mountain with a lot of spiritual baggage, half-truths and strongholds due to years of drug abuse and crime. The State of North Carolina and the Commonwealth of VA had tried to rehabilitate me for more than 22 years. Their answer? Hopeless addict…Career Habitual Felon…lock him up and throw away the key.

          There was a time that I tried this on my own. I was tired of prison; the drugs didn’t seem to help like they once did. The hole within my chest had outgrown anything this world had to offer me. Out of answers, broken and beaten, I decided to turn to the doctors and mental health professionals. After several years of spinning my wheels, I ended up just like before! The only difference was that the drugs were prescribed! So, I ended up back in prison again…for the seventh time! The first few months about killed me. I had been on 180 mg of Methadone and 1200 mg of Seroquel for almost two years. I withdrew cold turkey in a prison cell.

         I was released in 2007 with good plans and the best of intentions. It wasn’t long until I found myself right back into the same cycle. Why could I not change?! Why had life dealt me this hand? It seemed like death was the only answer. Out of answers, headed either for the grave or the penitentiary, I reached out to Hebron. I got on the list and made the weekly calls. I wanted to honor the rule about a week clean, so I checked into a Detox Center and waited for Saturday to arrive.

        I remember the morning my wife picked me up and brought me to Boone; it was July 4th! I was nervous because after 22 years of prison, I was unsure of what to expect. What I found were people who cared about me. Other men who had struggled with the same things I had. What I found was love! Not just God’s love, but also the love of staff and other men who had completed this program and had decided to stay and volunteer. Not only did they offer me love, but had answers…real solutions, that when I applied them to my life, it started a work within me that filled the hole I’d been fighting against for so long. The answer for me was not found in school work or other self-help programs, but in the Word of God. I found that I could have a relationship with the very author of the Book! I COULD NOT FIX THE OLD MAN! I needed a new man, a new heart.

        I’m now able to serve my Savior on a full-time basis. By adhering to the tools I was taught at Hebron and involving myself with other graduates, I’ve had a very blessed four years.  A year ago my wife and I were able to move to Hebron. We now live in the same house that my wife rented on my graduation! My desire now is to be a follower of Jesus. Being a “fan” just doesn’t get it.

        Never will I forget what this ministry has done for me. I realize that God makes the changes, but He uses these wonderful people here as tools…If you’re reading this with the idea of coming here, I encourage you to make the call! If you are truly ready to live a life free from addictions, trade in the old person for the person God wants you to be; Hebron Colony Ministries is for you.

         If you are a past graduate, I encourage you to sow back into Hebron! Involve yourself with the work they are doing for God! There is an ever growing ARMY of believers, past graduates of both Hebron and Grace Home, serving God and making a difference! I feel both privileged and honored to be part of the ministry and thank my Lord and Savior for calling me to be HIS SOLDIER!

 In Christ’s Love,

Bobby McGee

Graduate September 2009